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The Transema started its operation of transport services on behalf of others,in 1995. Being a famyli-oriented company,represented by the shareholders managers,Albérico Batista de Sousa and Albérico Penedo Batista de Sousa. The Transema started in this industry only addressed to two or three customers in the area of mold,acting mainly in the local area,with only a fleet of two cars. Over time,was growing integrating it on the market at a national level,continuing for targeted area of molds and steel. Currently,there are various heavy and light vehicles in order to meet the needs of our customers. We are a company responsive to the needs and demands of the labor market,so that the new information technologies are part of our current situation. In this context,renew our hardware,software acquired adequate,communications equipment (telephones,mobile phones) GPS system to keep us update and more effective. Also renew our image (logo of the company) as a reflection of our vision and how to act in the market. Our mission going on solutions for ensuring efficient and competitive transportation,logistics and auxiliary services,promoting the satisfaction of internal and external customers,from the point of view,economically and socially.

» Getting respond effectively to the needs and expectations of customers,getting their full satisfaction. » Motivate all employees to work as a team,encouraging a good working atmosphere and very professional. » Provide adequate training and necessary for employees of the company in order to ensure professional competence to carry out their work quality and safety. »Ensure infrastructure and adequate equipment and adjusted to the reality of the demanding market. »Optimizing costs (avoiding waste), maximize the resources ensuring the economic and financial balance of the company.

The car park of the Transema guarantee to its customers troughout the safety,speed and reliability. The fleet consists of various types of cars in order to meet the most diverse needs. Many of our customers belong to the branch of mold steels and thus are more suited for the transporting the same. We are specialized to provide the following services: Transport of general cargo Groupage daily service from the center to the Porto and to Lisbon Transportation of the local,regional,national and internacional The Transema in response to the needs of the customer can make travel to any destination expressed at the national level. Currently,there are cars that make the daily journey from Marinha Grande to Oliv.Azeméis and Porto (collect goods in Marinha Grande and deliver in Oliv.Azeméis and Porto and vice versa). Apart from the transport service,the Transema can provide an area of storage in the area of Marinha Grande.